Upgrade Lubuntu 13.04 to 13.10 on Eee 701

Lubuntu is the perfect distribution for your Eee 701. Now the time has come to upgrade to 13.10, and since I have had a few problems with that before I was a bit reluctant to upgrade my Eee 701, especially since it just has a 4GB SSD.

Since I installed 13.04 on the Eee, the available disk space has disappeared. It turns out, the kernel has been upgraded several times, but the old versions have not been discarded. You just need the latest version (the one you are running, check with uname -a). If you have more linux-images than needed, purge them. Do the same with linux-headers-packages.

$ dpkg -l | grep linux-image
$ uname -a
$ sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.8.0-XX
$ dpkg -l | grep linux-headers
$ sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.8.0-XX

When it was time for upgrade, I had 1.6 GB (df -h) available on /. To play safe I formatted an SD card (1GB should be enough) and mounted it on /var/cache/apt (where all downloaded packages go during upgrade).

$ sudo apt-get clean
$ sudo mkfs.ext2 /dev/sdb1
$ mount /dev/sdb1 /var/cache/apt

I updated using the normal GUI upgrade program. During upgrade, the peak disk usage (just before cleaning) was less than 550MB on the SD card /var/cache/apt and my /-device was down to 700MB available (so my 1.6GB available in the first place should have been just enough).

The computer restarted nicely. The fact that the SD card was not immediately mounted on /var/cache/apt caused no problems. After upgrade I just had 1.1Gb available on / though. After again purging unused linux-image I was up at 1.2Gb. I wonder where the extra 400Mb went; I found Firefox, and I doubt it was installed in 13.04… removing it saves about 60Mb.

So, the conclusion is that upgrading Lubuntu from 13.04 to 13.10 on your Eee 701 should be just fine, if you have about 1.5Gb available space on /, and if you feel you have about 400MB to spare on the upgrade. A permanent SD card or mini-usb-memory that can host /home, /var, /tmp and/or /usr is of course nice.

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