Read OpenWRT reject log (with fwreject)

I configured the firewall on my OpenWRT router to reject outgoing traffic (LAN to WAN) by default, and then explicitely allow protocols and ports as needed. By configuring the firewall to log rejected packages I could identify what legitimate traffic was blocked, and open up the firewall. However, the default logging to the syslog is not particularly easy to read (neither using command line or a web browser). Also, the log is mostly full of other log lines, the log lives very short time (just a few minutes) to not waste memory on the router, and the log lines contain information not needed.

I understand there are powerful products to gather logs on central log servers and analyze them there. I did not want that, but rather a simple web interface directly on the router.

I asked for a simple tool on the OpenWRT forum, no result.

So, I wrote my own tool, fwreject, and published documentation and binaries on DropBox.

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