Seeding Xubuntu and Lubuntu

It is not much I do to contribute to the Ubuntu community so when Ubuntu 15.04 was released a few weeks ago I downloaded 4 isos with bittorrent and kept seeding them for the benefit of Ubuntu users.

Now (2015-05-10):

Image                                Size     Ratio
lubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso      696Mb       120
lubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso     690Mb      60.0
xubuntu-15.04-desktop-i386.iso      970Mb      68.5
xubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso     963Mb      68.2

Does this mean anything?

If the ratio has anything to do with the popularity of different ubuntu versions:

  1. It surprised my that Lubuntu is so popular
  2. It surprised me that i386 is still very popular

There are, however, a number of factors that could disturb the correlation between my ratio and the true popularity of different Ubuntu flavours:

  • The way Lubuntu vs Xubuntu push people to the torrent (rather than the direct http/ftp) download, I found it harder to find the Lubuntu torrent, though.
  • Lubuntu and Xubuntu may have different audiences, with different attitude to torrent downloads.
  • i386 and amd86 may have different audiences as well
  • If more downloaders mean more seeders, and people on average seed close to 1.0 (or even above) then my Ratio may mean very little.
  • The tracker may have identified me as a stable seeder and sent downloaders of less popular images (both to download and seed) my way, in an attempt to provide equally good service for everyone (no idea if trackers do this).

The i386-heaviness of Lubuntu indicates that there should be correlation between general popularity and my Ratio.

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