X-wing squads

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I will post (rebel/resistance) X-wing squads I have played here.

** Big Nien Numb Squad ** (100)
1x T70 X-Wing Nien Numb (29), Push the Limit (3), R3-A2 (2)
2x A-Wing Prototype Pilot (17), Chardaan Refit (-2)
3x Z-95 Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

This worked very well. Nien Numb is good at handling out stress. I tried to replace Nien Numb with Wedge Antilles but was less lucky. The idea is to have a large squad with some edge. For 34p there are many options to replace Nien Numb.

** Angry Chewbacca ** (100)
1x YT-1300 Chewbacca (42), Recon Specialist (3), Jan Ors (2), Millenium Falcon (1), Push the Limit (3)
2x B-Wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Fire Control System (2)

This is the new (Hereos of the Resistance) Chewbacca, but the old Millenium Falcon. The idea is that Chewbacca can make green maneuvers, Push the Limit and get 2xFocus + 1xEvade, or 1xFocus + 2xEvade every round. When the B-wings die Chewbacca gets a bonus shot. First time I used this squad I had 4xZ95 instead of B-wings, but they were not enough of a threat to keep the fire away from Chewbacca (and you do want Millenium Falcon left in the end).

** Very Aggressive B-wings ** (99)
1x B-wing Keyan Farlander (29), Fire Control System (2), Expose (4), Experimental Interface (3)
1x B-wing Nera Dantels (26)
 Fire Control System (2), Proton Torpedo (4), Extra Munitions (2), Guidance Chip (0), Trick Shot (0)
1x X-wing Biggs Darklighter (25), Integrated Astromech (0), R3 Astromech (2)

Keyan Farlander can use Experimental Interface to be stressed and Exposed, and then use his stress as a focus. Thanks to Biggs, enemy can’t fire at Keyan. Nera is a royal pain (save your torpedoes until you have nobody in your primary firing arc). Admittedly I flew this squad with the R4-D6 astromech, which sucked, because it does not cancel criticals, and did not help Biggs at all.

** Wedge and his crack team ** (100)
1x X-wing Wedge Antilles (29), Integrated Astromech (0), BB-8 (2), Adaptability (0)
1x A-wing Tycho Celchu (26), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Wired (1)
1x A-wing Jake Farrell (24), Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Adaptability (0), Trick Shot (0)
1x Z95 Airen Cracken (19)

I got this squad from my oppenent who wanted me to fly a good Wedge squad. The core idea is that 4 ships with 8 skill is very powerful in itself. And Airen helping Wedge to get two actions make Wedge a very hard hitter. While I like the idea, Wedge is not that good for the price and I would have wanted Push the Limit on Jake also.

** An odd squad ** (97+)
1x ARC-170 Braylen Stramm (25), Alliance Overhaul (0), Tactician (2), R3-A2 (2)
1x T70 X-Wing Jess Pava (25), Integrated Astromech (0), R2 Astromech (1), Pattern Analyzer (2)
2x A-wing Green Squadron (19)
 Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Trick Shot (0)

Four competent ships, all with the same skill (3) allowing them to move and shoot in any order. Jess leads the way, the others staying within range 1, maximizing his special ability. At 97 points, there is room to replace Jess’s R2 and/or Trick Shot with something else. Braylen can deliver 1-2 stress which is a powerful and flexible weapon.

** Another Odd Squad ** (100)
1x ARC-170 Braylen Stramm (25), Alliance Overhaul (0), Tactician (2), R3-A2 (2)
1x X-wing T70 Jess Pava (25), Integrated Astromech (0), Targeting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2)
1x X-wing Tarn Mison (23), Integrated Astromech (0), R7 Astromech (2)
1x Tie Fighter Zeb Orrelios (13), Sabine’s Masterpiece (1), Hot Shot Blaster (3)

Another squad of four ships with skill 3. Tarn Mison with R7 is not bad and Jess Pava needs wingmen.

** Acrobatic X-wings ** (100)
1x T70 X-wing Ello Asty (30)
 Integrated Astromech (0), R2 Astromech (1), Push the Limit (3), Primed Thrusters (1)
1x T70 X-wing Snap Wexley (28), Integrated Astromech (0), Targeting Astromech (2),
 Pattern Analyzer (2), Proton Torpedoes (4), Adaptability (0)
1x T70 X-wing Blue Ace (27), Integrated Astromech (0), BB-8 (2)

These three X-wings are all capable of moving in very acrobatic ways, and still come out with focus and/or target lock.

** Alpha Strike ** (100)
1x A-wing Tycho Celchu (26), A-wing test pilot (0),
 Concussion Missiles (4), Push the Limit (3), Swarm Tactics (2), Guidance Chip (0)
1x Z-95 Airen Cracken (19), Concussion Missiles (4), Push The Limit (3), Guidance Chip (0)
1x Z-95 Lieutenant Blount (17), Assault Missiles (5), Guidance Chip (0), Veteran Instincts (2)
1x Z-95 Bandit Squadron Pilot (12), Concussion Missiles (4), Guidance Chip (0)

Tycho, Airen and Bandit should all shot with Target Lock+Focus at skill 8. Blount has no focus, but he cant miss. I lost with this squad but it was a funny game. In hindsight I would have been better off with Ion Pulse Missiles on Lieutenant Blount.

** Big Bad Boys ** (100)
1x YT-1300 Chewbacca (42), Millenium Falcon (1), Jan Ors (2), Kyle Katarn (3), Push the Limit (3)
1x YT-2400 Leebo (34), Outrider (5), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Recon Specialist (3), Trick Shot (0)

This is the old Chewbacca and the old Millenium Falcon. You can typically get focus+evade on both ships every round. Chewbacca can even get 2 evade plus focus or target lock. My idea is to fly defensively, constantly making green maneuvers with Chewbacca, and you will make damage anyway. Your problem can be that your enemy will do everything to kill Leebo first and stay close enough to him to avoid his laser. It could be better to replace Heavy Laser Cannon with Mangler Cannon and add Stealth Device or a 3p Elite.

** X-wing swarm ** (100)
1x T70 X-wing Jess Pava (25), Targeting Astromech (2), Primed Thrusters (1)
1x T70 X-wing Blue Squadron Novice (24), R2 Astromech (1)
1x X-wing Tarn Mison (23), R7 Astromech (2)
1x X-wing Rookie Pilot (21), R2 Astromech (1)
 + Integrated Astromech (0) on all

You just can’t squeeze 5 X-wings into a 100p squad. 4 X-wings can be done, but the options are quite limited. This squads takes full advantage of Jess’s pilot ability. Tarn Mison with R7 is surprisingly good. You may prefer Pattern Analyzer (and a 1p Astromech) on Jess. The Rookie Pilot can use another Astromech as well (R5 comes to mind). It is not the easiest swarm to fly as you have two different skills and two different (although similar) maneuver dials: all 4 pilots different.

** The A-wing Aces Squad ** (99)
1x A-wing Tycho Celchu (26), Trick Shot (0)
1x A-wing Jake Farrell (24), Adaptability (0)
1x A-wing Arvel Crynyd (23)
1x A-wing Gemmer Sojan (22)
 + Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3) on all

You can argue about a lot of things but this is the definite A-wing Aces Squad. You can of course put Veteran Instincts on Jake and Adaptability on Tycho for 100 points. Edit: check Jukers below.

** AAAA-Etahn ** (99)
1x E-wing Etahn A’baht (32), R2-D2 (4), Push The Limit (3), Collision Detector (0)
4x A-wing Prototype Pilot (17), Chardaan Refit (-2)

After the BBB-Etahn below I thought I would make a better Etahn supporting a little A-wing swarm. Big mistake. Etahn is not worth the upgrades and pushing/stressing him is not pretty. This squad requires more than minor fixes to be good.

** BBB-Etahn ** (98)
1x E-wing Etahn A’baht (32)
3x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22)

The idea here is simply to make good use of Etahns’ special ability. Also, with Barrel Roll, Etahn is quite capable of staying in formation with (or just behind) the slow B-wings. Possible upgrades for Etahn: Swarm Tactics, Elusiveness, Veteran Instincts, Wingman, Calculation, Crack Shot, Juke, Snap Shot, Trick Shot) R2-D6 (allows Trick Shot + 1p Elite), Collision Detector (free). When I played this squad I used Fire Control System but that is not good: Etahn fires first, gets Target Lock, then 3 B-wings fire and typically they want to fire at the same enemy until destroyed – Target Lock wasted. For the same reason I would not equip R3-A2.

** XXX-Etahn ** (100)
1x E-wing Etahn A’baht (32), R2 Astromech (1), Collision Detector (1), Crack Shot (1)
3x X-wing Rookie Pilot (21), R2 Astromech (1), Integrated Astromech (0)

This is simple and old fashined, but quite balanced. The R2 Astromechs make it easy to fly the E-wing together with the X-wing (and the price of occational K-turns is not so bad). Etahns’ special ability comes to good use. Four ships with 3 attack dice is always a threat.

** Basic T70s ** (100)
3x T70 X-wing Blue Squadron Novice (24)
 Integrated Astromech (0), Targeting Astromech (2), Primed Thrusters (1)
1x Z95 Airen Cracken (19), Trick Shot (0)
1x A-wing Green Squadron (19)
 Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Adaptability (0), Intimidation (2)

The A-wing could use Elusiveness, Expert Handling or Juke instead depending on your preference. Adaptability gives it the same skill as the X-wings for easy maneuvering. The squad does not require much presentation. However, compared to the naked 24p Blue Squadron Novice, the 3-card-3-p upgrades makes a lot of difference.

** K-wing support ** (100)
1x K-wing Warden Squadron Pilot (23), Sabine Wren (2), Advanced SLAM (2)
 Ion Bombs (2), Conner Net (4), Extra Munitions (2)
1x E-wing Etahn A’bath (32), Fire Control System (2), R2 Astromech (1), Push The Limit (3)
1x X-wing Garven Dreis (26), R2 Astromech (1), Integrated Astromech (0)

This one lost big time. I need more practice with the K-wing wanted to try out pilots I never used before.

** 6-6-6 ** (100)
1x ARC-170 Shara Bay (28), Weapons Engineer (3), Alliance Overhaul (0), Trick Shot (0)
1x B-wing Ibtisam (28), Advanced Sensors (3), Cool Hand (1)
1x K-wing Esege Tuketu (28), Twin Laser Turret (6), Recon Specialist (3)

Another squad that lost. The 6-6-6 PS is a gamble and turned out a bit unlucky twice. The idea here is very simply to have 3 aggressive ships that can take a lot of damage, and share Focus and Target Locks. Ibtisam with Advanced Sensors is quite unpredictable and Twin Laser Turret is usually good. Perhaps I need more practice with the K-wing or with this squad, or perhaps everything is a little too expensive and none of the ships reach their full potential.

** Mixed swarm ** (100)
1x Tie Fighter Sabine Wren (15), Crack Shot (1)
4x A-wing Prototype Pilot (17), Chardaan Refit (-2)
2x Z-95 Bandit Squadron Pilot (12)

If you want a swarm of 6-7 ships you don’t have so many options. Also, you may not own 8 Headhunters or 6 A-wings. I think the extra cost for the A-wings are worth it, but if you want to make it to 7 ships you need to add Headhunters. I was not happy with Sabines performance; she ended up first blocking and then being blocked by my own ships all the time. Fly the A-wings (same dial and skill) in one swarm and the Headhunters in their own little swarm. If you use Sabine, have a plan so she stays behind the others. If you have another A-wing you can use it instead of Sabine. If you have another Z95 you get 4p for upgrades: vectored thrusters for 2 Headhunters come to mind but there are other options (a missile, a shield upgrade, 2x autothrusters).

** Poe Power X-wings ** (98)
1x T70 X-wing Poe Dameron (33),
 Autothrusters (2), Push the Limit (3), R5-P9 (3), Black One (1), Pattern Analyzer (2)
1x X-wing Garven Dreis (26), M9-G8 (3), Integrated Astromech (0)
1x X-wing Tarn Mison (23), R7 Astromech (2), Integrated Astromech (0)

I have seen that many people fly very powerful Poe (or Corran Horn) and my thought has always been that its a very sensitive squad with so many points on one pilot. In this squad Poe is 44 points so you can basically replace him with two X-wings or two B-wings. I have to admit that Poe did not disappoint. With Push the Limit Poe can almost always Focus, and with Poes special ability he can often keep that Focus and exchange it for a shield in the end of the turn. With Boost (and a green 3 straight maneuver) you can often stay quite far away from your enemy and with Autothrusters you are hard to hit at range 3. However, at least I can’t Push the Limit and fly green maneuvers all the time, and I did find use for Pattern Analyzer (which I typically don’t see in such Poe configurations). It does make sense to include Autothrusters (rather than Integrated Astromech) as they help to protect Poe when he needs to regenerate shields. Tarn Mison with R7 is very good on his own. Garven Dreis is there to give Poe extra focus if/when he needs it, and Garven is arguably the weakest link in this squad.

** Suicide Squad ** (100)
1x ARC-170 Braylen Stramm (25), Alliance Overhaul (0), Tactician (2), R3-A2 (2)
1x X-wing Tarn Mison (23), Integrated Astromech (0), R7 Astromech (2)
2x X-wing Rookie Pilot (21), Integrated Astromech (0), Targeting Astromech (2)

My idea was to have 4 rather similar ships with 3 attack dice and to have firepower and hull on my side. It was a royal catastrophy. The X-wing does need a fix. I commanded the squad badly. And Braylen Stramm is too much of an obvious target and too easy to take out.

** Regenerator Aces ** (100)
1x E-wing Corran Horn (35), Push the Limit (3), Advanced Sensors (3), R2-D2 (4)
1x T70 X-wing Poe Dameron (31), Pattern Analyzer (2), R5-P9 (3), Autothrusters (2), Lone Wolf (2)
1x A-wing Prototype Pilot (17), Chardaan Refit (-2)

There are numerous Dameron/Horn lists to be found online, mine is probably not the best one. Most importantly, understand how to use Advanced Sensors (the idea is not to stress yourself with Push the Limit and start every round stressed). The idea with Lone Wolf is that it will make Poe very nasty in the end game. There may be better options.

** Sluggers ** (100)
1x B-wing Nera Dantels (26),
 Plasma Torpedoes (3), Extra Munitions (2), Trick Shot (0), Fire-Control System (2)
1x YT-2400 Wild Space Fringer (30), Mercenary Copilot (2), Outrider (5), Heavy Laser Cannon (7)
1x Y-wing Gold Squadron Pilot (18), Ion Cannon Turret (5)

My usual problems with the YT-2400, Outrider and HCL is that it really draws all fire to it, and the donut. The idea here is to mitigate those problems by making the YT-2400 a little bit less threatening and having something to put in the donut. The Y-wing should fly in the donut, preferably between the YT-2400 and your enemy. Nera can be in the background, but can take different roles and responsibilities depending on your enemy. It is possible to replace Extra Munitions with Flechette Torpedoes.

** Four Cannons ** (100)
2x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Collision Detector (0), Ion Cannon (3)
1x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Collision Detector (0), Flechette Cannon (2)
1x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Collision Detector (0), Mangler Cannon (4)

Four B-wings with Cannons that can deliver Ions, Stress and Crits. Your opponent needs to deal 32 damage. That will be an uphill battle. The weakness of 4 lo-skill-pilots is somewhat compensated for by the ability to deliver Ions and Stress.

** Ten Numb with support ** (100)
1x B-wing Ten Numb (31), Fire Control System (2), Veteran Instinct
3x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22), Collision Detector (0)

Four B-wings, including one ace to deal with other aces.

** Ace EEZ ** (100)
1x E-wing Corran Horn (35), Advanced Sensors (3), Push the Limit (3), R2D2 (4)
1x E-wing Etahn A’baht (32), Fire Control System (2), R2 (1)
1x Z-95 Airen Cracken (19), Crack Shot (1)

Well, E-wings are not famous for being very good. How about two E-wings? Admittedly, this squad lost after a long game with many unlikely dice rolls (both in its favor and against it). The idea with Airen is that he will give extra actions to the E-wings while he lives. Well, that may not be very long since he is by far the easiest to hit target. I will try other variations of this squad (replacing Airen with Sabines Tie, an A-wing, or giving him Veteran Instincts are immediate ideas).

** Green Squadron ** (100)
5x A-wing Green Squadron Pilot (19)
 Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2), Crack Shot (1)

The weak spot of A-wings is that 2 attack dice sometimes just is not enough (it makes no damage whatsover, regardless how often you shoot). Crack Shot and Juke both cancels evade dice and the chance of getting damage through increases dramatically. Obviously you will use the Evade action a lot.

** Poe, Tycho and Jake ** (98)
1x A-wing Tycho Celchu (26),
 + Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Juke (2)
1x A-wing Jake Farrell (24),
 + Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Push the Limit (3), Juke (2)
1x T70 X-Wing Poe Dameron (31)
 Push the Limit (3), R5-P9 (3), Autothrusters (2), Advanced Optics (2), Black One (1)

Juke is a good fix for A-wings lack of attack dice, especially for the high skill pilots. However Jake wants to Focus and Tycho can be stressed so they both require Push the Limit as well. With 44 points left I decided for a defensive Poe with the new Advanced Optics card, and a total of 98 points which is nice with 8-8-7 skills. The synergy of R5-P9 and Advanced Optics is not perfect. Also, Push the Limit is not perfect with Advanced Optics. However, in practice it turned out fine. Poe enters the battle (round 2-3) with a free Focus, the need for Push the Limit is relaxed, and you have more opportunities to do red maneuvers. If you need to use R5-P9 heavily Advanced Optics will not be so useful (but it always helps in the beginning). I was thinking about other elite skills. An option would be to put Autothrusters on the A-wings (where they are more likely to come to use) and drop Push the Limit from Poe.

** A Little Mix ** (100)
1x A-wing Green Squadron Pilot (19)
1x B-wing Blue Squadron Pilot (22)
 A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2), Crack Shot (1), Guidance Chip (0), Concussion Missile (4)
1x T70 X-Wing Jess Pava (25), Integrated Astromech (0), R2 Astromech (1), Pattern Analyzer (2)
1x Y-wing Gold Squadron Pilot (18), Twin Laser Turrent (6)

I have tried one-of-each-squads with ABXYZ with quite limited success (the T65 and the bare Z95 dont really perform). This is an attempt with ABXY that turned out fine. All four ships are arguably optimal for their points: A-wing will not attract too much fire with its evade token, and quite early you through it in to black and make that target lock, followed by a U-turn and a nasty missile (even without the missile the A-wing is dangerous with Juke). A bare B-wing is always good value. Jess has threee wingmates just as she likes it and her upgrades allow her to make good use of red maneuvers. The TLT-equiped Y-wing will not go unnoticed. None of the ships (I think) are obvious first target and they do have different qualities against a wide variety of squads. You dont want to end up one-on-one against an Ace with Boost and Barrel roll though.

** Eaden Vrill (sucks) ** (100)
1x YT-2400 Eaden Vrill (32), Gunner (5)
1x T70 X-Wing Nien Numb (29), R3-A2 (2), Snap Shot (2), Pattern Analyzer (2), Integrated Astromech (0)
1x B-Wing Dagger Squadron Pilot (24), Flechette Cannon (2), Fire Control System (2)

This did not work. The idea was obviously that Eaden Vrill should be a good deal as long has he has a stressed opponent to shoot at. Dealing out stress is not so easy though. Nien Numb does that perfectly well for 35p (there are options to Snap Shot, but it works fine). However, with 33p left and R3-A2 already with Nien Numb, there are not so many more options. Flechette Torpedoes only works for ship with up to 4 hull and I thought about using them on Nera, but Nera would be an easy target. Flechette Cannon on Dagger Squadron seemed a better choice. However, not too surprisingly, Eadens 3 attack dice are not so remarkable. And often the B-wing could make the damage with its primary weapon in the first place. Also, the B-wing and X-wing are targetted first (despite Gunner) and with them gone, Eaden is not much of a threat. Finally, Gunner did not deliver and only on very few occations it resulted in (extra) damage dealt.

** Return of the X-wing ** (100)
2x X-wing Rookie Pilot (21), Integrated Astromech (0), Flight-Assist Astromech (1)
2x T70 X-wing Blue Squadron Novice (24), Integrated Astromech (0), Targetting Astromech (2), Pattern Analyzer (2)

Before the arrival of Flight-Assist Astromech it was possible to scramble four X-wings, but the Rookie Pilots just didn’t cut it, and Blue Squadron Novice should have at least some Tech and an Astromech, leaving them at 26p or more. Now, with Flight-Assist, Rookie Pilot is a real threat, and there are plenty of good and interesting options for four X-wings and for T65.

** War Birds ** (99)
1x ARC-170 Norra Wexley (29), Adaptability (0), Proton Torpedo (4), Weapons Engineer (3), Guidance Chip (0), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Alliance Overhaul (0)
1x ARC-170 Shara Bey (28), Veteran Instincts (1), Weapons Engineer (3), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Alliance Overhaul (0)
1x ARC-170 Thane Kyrell (26), Tail Gunner (2), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Alliance Overhaul (0)

With high pilot skills (8/8) Norra and Shara should be able to use Flight-Assist Astromech to secure good shots, often with TL+Focus. Shara can help Norra with a double TL. Thane fits in nicely. As I experienced, if you end up flying against 9PS arc-dodging Aces, this squad will hold up well, but it may not win in the end. Norra should probably have Tail Gunner and Expertise.

** Birds of the Alliance ** (100)
1x ARC-170 Norra Wexley (29), Alliance Overhaul (0), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Expertise (4), Tail Gunner (2)
1x ARC-170 Shara Bey (28), Alliance Overhaul (0), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Push the Limit (3), Weapons Engineer (3)
1x ARC-170 Braylen Stramm (25), Alliance Overhaul (0), R3-A2 (2), Tactician (2)

This is my first ARC-list that really delivered. Norra with Expertise can really deliver damage, and with the help of Sharas extra Target Lock 5 hits is not out of reach. Shara, with Flight-Assist Astromech can Push the Limit quite comfortably helping her wingmates while still being a real threat herself. Braylen Stramm is much of an annoyance being able to deliver 1-2 stress and your opponent will perhaps target him first. Norra and Shara will take advantage of it, and Braylen may escape behind enemy lines where he will happily be. Replacing Expertise with Push the Limit is probably quite fine.

** Jukers ** (98)
1x A-wing Tycho Celchu (26), Push the Limit (3)
1x A-wing Jake Farrell (24), Push the Limit (3)
1x A-wing Gemmer Sojan (22)
1x A-wing Green Squadron Pilot (19), Crack Shot (1)
 + Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2) on all

Admittedly, I flew this one with Arvel Crynyd instead of Gemmer Sojan. I find Arvels pilot ability very hard to exploit. I lost against 9PS arc dodgers, but the list held up surprisingly well.

** Jukers ** (98)
1x A-wing Jake Farrell (24)
 + Chardaan Refit (-2), A-Wing Test Pilot (0), Juke (2), Push the Limit (3)
1x B-wing Keyan Farlander (29), Opportunist (4)
1x K-wing Miranda Doni (29), C3P0 (3), Twin laser Turret (6)

Miranda Rocks with just a TLT. My plan here was to let Miranda and Jake fire first to allow Keyan to use Opportunist, which is a very good card on him.

** Resistance Bomber with Rebel Support ** (100)
1x B/SF-17 Crimson Specialist (27),
 Ordnance Silos (2), Thermal Detonators (3), Deflective Plating (1), Trajectory Simulator (1)
1x X-wing Rookie Pilot (21), Flight Assist Astromech (1), Integrated Astromech (0)

Probably not the best squad ever, but it did quite ok despite I flew it very badly. Somewhat surprised I found that Trajectory Simulator is not that useful. Perhaps I would trade it for something else. The Crimson Specialist pilot ability is nice and works well with Deflective Plating.

** Han and Poe ** (99)
1x YT-1300 Han Solo (46)
 Recon Specialist (3), Jan Ors (2), Millenium Falcon (1), Push the Limit (3)
1x T70 X-Wing Poe Dameron (33)
 Push the Limit (3), R5-P9 (3), Autothrusters (2), Advanced Optics (2), Black One (1)

Well, I think Chewbacca makes more sense. Perhaps with Engine Upgrade.

** Renegades Rule / A salute to 1st edition ** (100)
1x T70 X-Wing Poe Dameron (31)
 Push the Limit (3), R5-P9 (3), Autothrusters (2), Primed Thrusters (1)
3x X-Wing Rookie Pilot (21)
 Integrated Astromech (0), Flight-Assist Astromech (1), Renegade Refit (-2), S-foils (0)

This is perhaps the last list I will every fly with 1st edition, and the only list I ever build with Renegade Refit and S-foils. Well, it was amazing and it completely owned the other squad. The X-wing got its fix, and it is now buried. I doubt theses X-wings are balanced.

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