10 most important X-wing upgrade cards

Starting to play X-wing Miniatures can be a challenge. There are quite many cards with quite different effects and to get best effect you want them to work well together or with your pilot. Where to start?

This list is written with a Rebel (Resistance) player in mind, but many cards are very useful for Imperial or Scum lists as well. It is also quite focused on classic A/B/X/Y-wing lists.

These are the 10 upgrade cards I recommend that you familiarize with. They are all quite straight forward to play.

10. Autothrusters
For ships that can use them Autothrusters is a very good defensive measurement (much better than Stealth Device I would say).

9. Advanced Sensors
Advance Sensors requires a little thinking. It allows you to do an action and a red maneuver (instead of no action). With Push The Limit it allows you to do two actions, a green maneuver, and have no stress afterwards. For B- and E-wings this can be very useful. (#9 on this list used to be Fire Control System which is easier to use).

8. BB-8 (Astromech)
Especially (T-65) X-wing high skill pilots (such as Luke and Wedge) can make very good use of BB-8.

7. Primed Thrusters (Tech)
This is T-70 X-wing only, and allows you too boost when you are stresed. Boosting after a red manuever allows you to position yourself in flexible and unpredictable ways. The alternative here is the slightly more expensive Pattern Analyzer which allows you any action, but just the round you get stress.

6. Targeting Astromech (Astromech)
The T-70 X-wings have 3 great red maneuvers. With Targeting Astromech you get a free target lock, and the price of a red manuever is very low.

5. Crack Shot (Elite)
A 1pt card that basically produces one extra damage once. I shield upgrade is 4p. You may have a better use for your Elite slot, but keep Crack Shot in mind, especially for A-wings who get two Elite slots (A-Wing Test Pilot) and just roll 2 red dice.

4. R3-A2 (Astromech)
To deal stress to whoever you target is usually very good. Look for pilots who can deal with stress (Nien Numb, Braylen Stramm).

3. Twin Laser Turret (Turret)
This is one of the most feared weapons in the Galaxy. 360 degrees, range 2-3, and very likely to cause 1-2 damage. Particularly good with Horton Salm (your opponent will kill him first).

2. Veteran Instinct (Elite)
Sometimes 2 extra skill makes all the difference, and 1pt is cheap. The problem is obviously that it occupies your Elite slot. Alternatively check out Adaptability for 0pt.

1. Push The Limit (Elite)
Allows you to do two actions (and get a stress). As long as you can make a green maneuver next turn that is fantastic (and you can keep pushing the limit). This is most useful for A-wings that have 4 actions to choose from and plenty of green maneuvers. Sometimes it is great for T-70 X-wings, B-wings and the Millenium Falcon (YT-1300 + Title).

Ship specific upgrades
Some cards are almost mandatory and thus not included above:

  • Integrated Astromech (X-wing)
  • Alliance Overhaul (ARC-170)
  • Chardaan Refit (A-Wing)
  • A-Wing Test Pilot (A-Wing)
  • Millenium Falcon (YT-1300)

If you fly the above ships, make sure you understand these upgrades.

Free upgrades
Some upgrades are free (except they use an upgrade slot) or saves cost. If your ship can take them, think twice before leaving them out.

  • Trick Shot (0p Elite)
  • Adaptability (0p Elite)
  • Guidance Chip (0p Modifications – missiles/torpedoes only)
  • Extra Munitions (2p – instead of second missile/torpedo/bomb)
  • Collision Detector (0p System)

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