Making use of Nokia N8 in 2019

I made a serious a attempt to make good use of my Nokia N8 in 2014 but I gave up on it and put it in a box. It now turned out I need a regular phone for answering incoming phone calls and I had kept my Nokia N8 in a box last years. Also good, I had flashed it with Belle Delight 6.4 before putting it in the box, so without any effort I had a clean and (well) up-to-date mobile.

After a few hours of charging I inserted a mini-SIM and turned my old friend on.

I replaced my Nokia N8 with a Sony mobile, but last years I have used a regular iPhone. This is what I now find:

  • The N8 is small (small display, narrow, short, light, but a little fat). The size is great in the hand, but the screen is small (especially for browsing and typing).
  • There is a sluggishness in the UI. I remember this was unfortunately true when i bought N8 and did not go away with the much needed, but too-little-too-late upgrades, upgrades that came with it (Anna, Belle).
  • The “Home Screen” as a separate UI from the folder based navigation is unfortunately a bit awkward compared to iOS (and home screen was also a too-little-too-late-feature of Symbian upgrades).
  • The web browser has outdated certificates and is basically useless. I suggest go to immediately, download and install Opera and use it exclusively. Opera is fine, but everything really feels tiny on the screen. Unfortunately I have some certificate problems with Opera as well.
  • Multitasking? Well, kind of, I managed to crash Opera, without being able to kill it. Had to restart mobile.

This is still the way I remember Symbian. It feels a bit like Win95 or MacOS 9 when you are used to Windows 2000 or MacOS X. It is not fast/snappy, not entirely stable and a bit awkward.

Still, the N8 could have been an amazing mobile even in 2019, if it had a good enough operating system and applications. That is never going to happen. I could dream or speculate, but whatever… life goes on.

Nevertheless, my Nokia N8 is back to real duty in my home and it may very well be for another 3-4 years. It feels a bit like a time machine and it brings me good memories. I will perhaps write more about it, and I would perhaps sell it to a genuine enthusiast, but I guess a perfectly fine N8 is easy to find.

  1. Nice to read that you found a good use for the N8….I’ve upgraded to Delight 6.5….on SIStore I managed to find useful apps like Smart Office for reading MS Office docs, myExplorer to access shared folders on local networks, FilesPlus to access Google Drive and FTP servers…and with Maps Now you can again download maps for Nokia Maps and still use the N8 for navigation!… :mrgreen:
    Now I’m playing with the idea to start using the HDMI port for something more serious….:)…will see how it works!

  2. BTW….just updated my N8 to Delight 6.6!
    And writing this on it!! :))))

  3. I think the browser connecting problem is due to Symbian being stuck on TLS version 1.0 ( which many sites have now blacklisted. Switching to Opera Mobile didn’t fix this for me. However, Opera Mini did fix it!

  4. Brick ONeil

    I’m finding myself wanting a physical keyboard and my Note 8 is abysmal. The keyboard phone i’m looking at is the sibling of the N8, the E7. I’m a pretty basic guy, I just need a phone to text on and the E7 would just fit the bill. I had a 9500 way back and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m on the fence about buying the E7 though.

  5. Anyone wanted to buy my Nokia n8 contact me on my email

  6. Jurgen Puype

    I’m also considering reviving my old N8, as it is one of the few non-Iphone my BMW E91 has a snap in adapter for and supports office functions.
    Anyone know if one can still set up and use e-mail functionality on this phone now that Nokia closed shop for Symbian?

  7. I guess it depends on your email service.

    Traditionally email was served over IMAP or POP.
    I don’t see why that would not work with your N8.

    However, todays popular email services may not support IMAP and POP and in that case perhaps you are in trouble. Try it out!

  8. i m still using it right now for basic use … opera works ok for if i need wifi… camera is super even after 10 years is getting decent pictures compare to new phones

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