Dungeon Builder Review

I used to be a Dungeon Master back in the 20th century. Now I picked it up again and the Internet gives so many new opportunities. I found a program called Dungeon Builder that is used to draw isomorphic dungeon maps. I gave it a try and I created the below dungeon in a few hours. It takes some effort and some practice.

I have not got the paid version yet. The free version allows you to make small maps. You can’t load them (but you can save), and you cant export (to image formats), but you can make screenshots (obviously) so that is what I have done.

As you can see I made several smaller maps that can be visited sequentially, which was actually quite practical. I printed them all and handed them out to the players as the adventure progressed.

The story behind my map is that there is a prisoner to resque in the dungeons below a town and castle, and the way to get to the dungeons is via the sewers and an old abandoned mine. Luckily for me, I could even include a rust monster that hade feasted of the old rail tracks.

Sewer Entrance
Deep Mine
End of Mine Line
Under Castle Well
Castle Crypt

My conclusion is that Dungeon Builder is a tool that any Dungeon Master should have. And quite surely I will get the paid full version as soon as I have a more advanced need.

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