The Revorian Age (D&D Setting)

This is an outline for a D&D setting that I call The Revorian Age, following after The Hyborian Age (essay by E Howard, wikipedia), where the stories of Conan take place.

Most of what Howard wrote I consider lore and history…

… however during the Hyborian age, there was a much smaller continent on the other side of the planet called Maringia. This was an ancient contient that had existed during the time of Atlantis and that mostly survived the (first) cataclysm. Maringia was home to D&D races and beasts that never walked the Thurian continent (at least we are not told in the Conan lore).

The second cataclysm shatters Thuria. Also happening:

  • volcanoes erupted
  • a short (100s of years) ice age covered parts of the lands
  • land sank and raised, even affecting Maringia
  • hordes of orcs, goblins and other creatures of darkness that had dominated but been bound to Maringia, found ways to Thuria
  • a few refugees of Thuria made it to new lands
  • eventually, also elves, dwarves, gnomes and halflings and other good creatures spread to the new lands

Thousands of years passed, new peoples and eventually lands formed (as Howard described), originiting from the peoples of the Hyborian age, but mixed up with the lore of D&D.

This post-Hyborian age is called The Revorian Age and it is a place of

  • Ancient remains of the Hyborian age (and possibly its deities)
  • Everything you want in a D&D world
  • Earth-like deities, cultures, peoples, lands (just as “The Danes were decendents of pure-blooded Vanir” as written by Howard, there may actually be Danes in your D&D world, and if they look like anes, fight like danes and sound like danes, why not call them danes?)

But why?

I have written before that I am not too fond of Forgotten Realms.

I like the world of Conan and the history and cultures of Earth more interesting than the lore of Forgotten Realms (or other published D&D settings). And for simplicity, I can call a viking a viking (truth is that even Forgotten Realms and D&D are full of things with very specific references to earthern cultures: berserkers, minataurs, the deity Tyr, paladins and so on).

I like to outline a homebrew world as the campaign goes on, and into The Revorian Age I can plausibly draw familiar things.

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