Dungeon Master Inspirational Reading

This is work in progress.

I read to get inspiration for my D&D Dungeon Master hobby.

5/5 Recommended

  • Appendix N: The Eldritch Roots of Dungeons & Dragons (short stories)
  • Conan Chronices (short stories of varying length and quality)
  • Jirel of Joiry (6 short stories)
  • Northlanders 1-3 (comic)
  • Untold Adventures – Dungeons & Dragons (short stories)
  • The Outsider (short story, H.P. Lovecraft)
  • The stolen sacrifice (Dragon Magazine #13)
  • The Testament of Athammaus
  • Thorgal (comic)

4/5 Recommended

  • Berserk (Deluxe, 1-2, manga)
  • Kull Exile of Atlantis (short stories)
  • Svavelvinter, Slaktare Små, Vredes Verk, Vanderland
  • Lone Wolf (Project Aon)
  • The Forest of Flame (Dragon Magazine #6)
  • The Tale of Satampra Zeiros
  • Legends and Myths: Robin Hood
  • People of the Pit

3/5 Average

  • Crannog Saga 1-3 (Comic)
  • Fall of Gondolin
  • Legends and Myths: Knights of the round table
  • Legends and Myths: Jason and the Argonauts
  • Wall of Serpents

2/5 Not so recommended

  • Den eviga nattens riddare + Det mörka hjärtats vilja (Swedish)
  • Legends and Myths: Charlemagne
  • Vox Machina
  • Roads from Jakalla (Dragon Magazine #4)

1/5 Not recommended

  • Legends and Myths: King Arthur

Not yet read

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