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You want to copy a file between two computers or Symbian phones, and the usual methods don’t feel that attractive? Network drives, scp and ftp requires configuring a server (that later might be a security risk). USB cables are never available when needed. DropBox and Bluetooth are too slow.

A while ago I described how to copy files with netcat, but that works best on *nix and is not so easy for people who do not like the command line. And, it does not work on mobile phones.

So, I wrote a little program that does what netcat does but is simple to use and has a GUI. And, I wrote it in QT, so it works in Mac OS X, Linux, Windows and Symbian. It is exactly the same on all platforms.

Do you want a simple way to copy files over the network? Download ParrotCopy and give it a try – instructions included:


The Symbian version probably only works on Symbian^3 and has just been tested on Nokia N8. Let me know if you need a binary for an older Symbian device or a Maemo or Harmattan device.

In server mode, the program tries to connect to www.google.com:80, to figure out its own IP. It is simply an ugly hack because I had problems with other methods. You may have problems if internet is not accessible. I will not release 1.0 until this is fixed.

You have to manually name the file you receive, and you can transfer just one file at a time. These are not bugs, but future versions will probably do better. Netcat can be combined with tar, gzip etc. I hope to add at least tar in the future. For now, making a zipfile is a simple way to transfer many files.

Release 0.9.7
Now possible to copy contents of status field and file/folder fields (if you want to paste it into other application).

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