Build QT/Symbian Apps on Linux/Mac OS X

QT is a nice cross plattform development environment, but building for Symbian is a bit tricky on non Windows platforms. Or is it?

You can Google for it, and find information about Gnupoc, Gcce and building qt for ARM with tools that require WINE. Not trivial.

You can also find occational references to an experimental feature called “remote compiler” – sounds like you need a Window machine, doesn’t it?

No – it is really easy! You need a Nokia Developer account (which takes 5 minutes to set up, and costs nothing). Then you configure QtCreator to use the remote compiler – and it sends your code to Nokia, who compiles it, and returns you errors, warnings and binaries. Compilation-as-service? Fine with me!

To get it working, I suggest you install the full QT SDK (not just QtCreator), and you need to choose “Custom” installation, and under Experimental you pick Remote Compiler.

Next, when you have opened your project in QtCreator, you click the “Projects” button to the left. Now, in the top of your work area, there are boxes with build targets, and to the right of the targets a “+”-sign. Click it. Choose remote compiler, target platforms and other options. To deploy it to your phone, you need to choose to sign the application, and to use the smart installer.

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