Improve default Gnome desktop

I find the default Gnome desktop that comes with Debian 12 rather nice.

It is interesting to see how similar Gnome, macOS, Windows 11 and Chrome OS behaves (launcher, virtual desktops, and so on).

I mostly use a terminal and Firefox. I don’t need Gnome for that. But Gnome comes with a control panel (not so different from macOS and Chrome OS, Windows is just a mess) which is very nice for things I don’t do often (like adding a printer).

However, there are some things to change, that improve my experience with Gnome.

Switch from Wayland to X11

I use X11 instead of Wayland, because when I resize a terminal window I want to see the new ROWSxCOLUMNS live. That seems to work in X11, not in Wayland. Very odd.

Install Xfce-Terminal

I am not the kind of super advanced user who wants everything tweaked in my way. But a better terminal application is better than a worse. I have tried a few different ones with Gnome, but the overall favourite is Xfce-terminal. It has more configuration options the the alternatives so chances are you will prefer it too.

Increase Firefox Density

I usually prefer high information density to low information density. I find the Firefox tabs offensively large. It is easy in Firefox to

  1. go to about:config
  2. confirm
  3. search for browser.uidensity
  4. change the value to 1

Try it.

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