Trainsimulator 2013 Broken DLC scenarios

I have problems with some orginal DLC scenarios in Train Simulator 2013 (2012 when I first wrote this post, but I allow myself to keep it updated). I will keep track of the problems here – mostly for myself, but perhaps it helps someone.

I have a separate post for problems with UKTS scenarios.

Castle Rock Railroad: Feeling the Heat
This scenario is not broken. It is very hard to reach Lark Spur in time. Obey the signals.

East Coast Mainline: Cathedral Special
Early in the scenario, just before picking up the passenger cars, I need to pass a red signal. I try TAB, but neither approve/denied. Much later, when almost in Durham, at around 1700, I have an AI-collision Game Over incident. I tried avoiding the red signal by, after dropping off the engines, driving all the way forward, and then reverse not through one of the sidings. But there is another red signal, and after passing that one, I derailed. Other people seems to have problems too.

Falmouth Branch: The Little Things Count
This is a nice scenario with some little problems.

First, on your way to collect your cars in Truro, there is a switch and a cross that are problematic to pass. At too low speed (4 mph) I cant pass. At too high speed (9 mph) I may derail or the locomotive jumps losing score. Fortunately, this is in the beginning of the scenario.

Second, in Penryn you need to put your last four cars to the side, to deliver two cars. When collecing the four cars again I get a -500 score for invalid consist (or something) – I am not the only one. I tried a few strategies that dont work:

  1. Rearranging already in Truro – gives immediately -500 points.
  2. Dropping the four cars in Penryn Up Platforms – immediately -500 points.
  3. In Penryn, putting four cars in siding 1, then two cars in siding 2, then collecting the four cars again (with the intention of then putting the two cars in siding 1) – gives -500 points, and jumps to the next task, thus failing the scenario

Third and finaly, when I have just the last four cars to take to Falmouth Siding 1, in Penryn, the switch never switches back from Penryn Headshunt to Penryn South Approach. Thus, how can I continue to Falmouth and complete the mission? It seems it is not the switch, but the cross that will switch. Drive slowly towards Falmouth, and the cross will switch to the line (not the side tracks) when you approach it.

Grandfield Branch: Branch Workhorse
Fantastic and beautiful scenario, and now I have figured out how to complete it. It is a bit broken.

  1. Thenhill: problem to uncouple wagons directly after Tender (this is a “new” problem). Do not use the HUD, find the physical coupling in the simulator itself, click it.
  2. Weedon Quarry: a red signal, hitting TAB just gives Denied reply. Save, quit, resume. Then try TAB and have a little patience. Good luck.
  3. Crossing right after Sellafiend Yard Northe Gate: You may need to switch the crossing twice – despite the message that the path is laid for you, you may derail here.

No Career XP for Career scenarios in Granfiend Branch 🙁

Great Western Mainline: Duff Coal
Scenario is good. But I get no star/score upon completion.

Isle of Wight: After the Flood
After the first stop there is a tunnel. Right after the tunnel comes a Warning Signal – that indicates Warning. But passing it gives me SPOD. I should be allowed to pass a yellow signal without SPOD. I press tab and is granted permission to pass. Later, when leaving Sundown, there is a message saying “You have been given permission to pass the red signal”. So I do, but again SPOD (guess I should have pressed tab despite the message, but it didnt say so).

Isle of Wight: Lights! Camera! Action
Worked second time I tried!
Can not go around the train in Smallbrook. I drop off the cars, continue, reverse, but there is a red signal before getting back to the main line. TAB does not work for me. Perhaps I made a few extra stops/starts in Smallbrook with the northern switch in the wrong position that confused the signalman.

Hagen to Siegen: Part by Part
AI error well into the scenario. I have tried to be faster and slower, and to leave switches in different ways, but so far no success.

Sherman Hill: Big Boy Sherman Hill Part 1 (CS)
AI collision 09:41:22. At that point I am 0.91 miles away from Dale Main 1. There are other reports of the same problem. Only the Career Scenario seems to be affected.

There is a strategy: make it to Bufort Ex Outfit Track before 09:40. That will require some serious speeding and it is going to give you 0XP. The Boiler Pressure etc are confusing (not working properly) for Big Boy. The F4 view gives you a lower Boiler Level than the HUD. Be careful to not run out of water. Anyway, I kept a steady speed of 64mph uphill, until I decided to save water. Scenario completed at 09:38, and with -5.3M points. However, I did not make it to the Ranking list with 0 points 🙁

Sherman Hill: Big Boy on Sherman Hill Part 2 (CS)
About 10 miles before Borie Main 2 East is a red signal and permission denied, that does not turn green. However, if you save as you approach the signal, quit the scenario, and resume, the problem should go away.

Sherman Hill: Midnight Magnet
The good thing with the scenario is the story. The bad thing: Timing is very sensitive and the story can get in the way. It is all about the timing to Dale. Even if you complete the second last timecheck (Dale) with full bonus you may still be out of luck for the last stretch down to Laramie. But if you get to Dale too early, you can cause a deadlock and the scenario can not be completed at all. Dont wait for Tom – just leave him in the darkness with the gangsters. And, there is at least one switch to fix before your train stops at the right track in the yard in Laramie: the switch is shortly after the 15mph, at that time you still have far to go.

Somerset Dorset Joint Railway: Bank On It (4F DCL)
I get an error when dropping off the freight train at the designated place. And on my way back to Bath I have to pass a red signal. So, if game settings allow passing Danger Signals, the scenario can be completed with a failure.

Somerset Dorset Joint Railway: Bath Time
AI collision problem at about 14:08:42. Other people have described it here. I have not tried the workaround mentioned.

Somerset Dorset Joint Railway: Calm Under Pressure
AI collision problem at about 17:24:18.

WCML North: Palmadie Hop
AI collision (4552 Long=-4.21522 Lat=55.83014) & (2522 Long=21717 Lat=55.83023). I drove twice, and got the same error att 17:48:56 and 17:48:58.

Woodhead Line: Night Freight (O4)
A few minutes after the summit, it was about 19:25 I think, I got an AI Collision. Luckily, I had saved a few minutes before and decided to resume to get the exact AI Collision message. But, after resuming everything went fine, and I ended up in Wath. The scenario is supposed to take 90 min, but I completed it in 60 minutes. The AI collision could perhaps be caused by me being ahead of schedule. Also, there were very few AI trains out this evening (which I find boring), perhaps my fast driving was to blame.

  1. After over 2 yaers none of these scenarios have been repaired. Clearing cache and veryfing files don’t work. For some reason, many people say there are no problems with these scenarios.

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