Railworks 3 Trainsimulator 2012 UKTS problems

There is a great site for trains simulator content: UKTS. However, everything does not work perfectly, unfortunately.

I am keeping track of my problems in this post. I have another post for problems with original DCL.

I have found that the Freeware packs released in 2011 and updated in 2012 generally have high quality. I recommend those ones!

However, downloading and installing single assets and scenarios often does not give the expected result. I managed to break some of my routes (the 2D map stopped working, even for orignal scenarios) and had to reinstall from Steam to repair.

Sometimes if you get the error “Broken Consist”, it helps to open the scenario in the editor and just save it.

Bath to Templecombe: [Q1] Coal to Shepton (Q1 pack from Pete Gillam)
Bath to Templecombe: [Q1] Slow Freight Train (UKTS 25052 v1.0)
Very hard to couple the wagons. Getting rid of the Brake car (the last car) using the scenario editor does not fix the problem. 2D map does not work with switches and route.

Bath to Templecombe: Norton Hill Special Service (UKTS 21640 v0.91)
Switches and paths dont work on 2D map. Tried to play anyway, but derailed…

Great Western Mainline: A Day on the WR (part 1 of 2)
Completed everything fine, still got red crosses on some via-points. The last post in this discussion indicates that no points may be passed below 60mph (and this is just a mistake by the scenario-creator). I will perhaps try another day and confirm if this is the case. However, not the funniest scenario ever.

Great Western Mainline: HSTs and Handcuffs
Can not pick up passengers at first stop, Paddington 3, where the train starts from the beginning.

Port Road: 1980s – C1 Preps : Shunting tanks (UKTS 25836 v11-02-1)
The 2D map does not seem to work. No blue marking/line around train, and can not operate switches from 2D map. Possible to run scenario and manually handle all switches not using the map, but scenario crashed when almost completed.

Port Road: Freight Extra Down (UKTS 24843 v1.0)
The 2D map does not seem to work. I do not get any blue marking/line in front of the train. Going into scenario editor I find plenty of “Static consist clash”. Saving the scenario does not repair it.

Port Road: Night Ballast Port Road (UKTS 24890 v1.0)
I refuel at Dumfries P3 water loader. I get my water, but the scenario never continues to the next waypoint. The red bar never shows up indicating refuel progress. I made some attempts to fix the scenario, no success.

  1. When i go to click PLAY, a message named, RailWorksProc2.exe comes up and wont let me play.

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