CSV file: convert list to table/matrix

Update 2014-05-04: Added -N1/-N2 flags for sorting rows/columns numerically, and uploaded a windows binary.

I found myself having data in CSV-files with three columns; two dimensions and a value. It could look like:


Data typically looks like this because it is very easy to output transactions on this format. That is very nice if you want to load it into a database. But for other purposes (like plotting a graph using LibreOffice Calc or even Excel) it would be much nicer with a table/matrix-layout:


I could not find a standard tool for this. I thought about different options, and finally decided it was quite easy to just write a little program. So I did. You use it like this:

$ ./csv-list2table -t < list.csv > table.csv

There are a few things to think about:

  • The switches -t or -T decides if column 1 or 2 will be rows
  • -N1 and -N2 can be used to treat/sort column 1 and 2 numerically
  • Rows and columns are outputed sorted
  • Holes/missing values outputed as ,,
  • Comma is the only accepted delimiter
  • Input must have exactly 3 columns
  • Pre/post-process data with sed and cut

As the last item mentions, sed can fix a file with other delimiters than comma, and cut can pick the columns you need from a list with more data than you need.

Finally, the code written in standard C: csv-list2table-1.1.c.
Old version: csv-list2table-1.0.c
Windows binary: csv-list2table-1.1.exe (should be no tricky dependencies)
Test file: csv-list2table-test.txt

Building should be trivial:

gcc -O2 -o csv-list2table csv-list2table.c

I dont think the code contains anything that should confuse any c-compiler on any reasonable platform.

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