Hard drive full of Steam DLC

As I am getting more and more DLC for Train Simulator 2013 my C-drive was getting full. Steam was installed there, c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam.

Moving stuff to another hard drive is not so easy in Windows, since there are no real symbolic links. I thought about getting a new (bigger) hard drive and migrating to it using backup/restore of entire Windows… felt like too much work.

Then I found this article about moving Steam to another location! Obviously, the Steam poeple are smart people! I moved Steam using this method from my 60GB SSD drive to and old internal IDE-drive I had available. It worked perfectly! The whole process took less than an hour and caused little problems; the Steam desktop shortcuts stopped working, and Steam does not auto-start now. Load times for Train Simulator 2013 increased 2x-3x, not as bad as I thought actually. Not sure if I will invest in a new SSD just for Steam.

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