Avoiding spam to WordPress

This blog runs WordPress, and for every month it has attracted more and more spam comments. Some comments that just contain plenty of links to sites. Other comments that say something generic and nice and with a subtle link. Last months it has been almost 100 per day. And it is all about selling pirate design purses and pirate drugs.

WordPress works very well with plugins, and plugins can be installed and activated with almost no work or technical skills at all.

Since long i have been using Akismet – a plugin that decides if a message is spam or not. I’d say it is at least 99.9% accurate. However, I always feel curious to check through the spam before ultimately deleting it, in case there is a real message in the spam.

A few days ago I installed the simple Captcha plugin. If you try to post anything it will ask you to do some trivial arithmetics. It seems to block at least 99% of all spam. Surprisingly efficient, considering that it does not use a hard to read image. Of course most spammers go for quantity, not quality.

I’ll be nice. If you have a legitimate web page for a smaller company, a non-profit organisation, a personal blogg, a useful piece of software, or fine stuff like that and you just post a nice comment to this post, I will approve it to give you a link from my insignificant blog.

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