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Goodbye – Hi

I have been running this site on for a few years. Yesterday I moved it to Details about the moving of wordpress are found here.

On has served me well. For a hobby non-profit site with a couple of dozen visitors per day the smallest package possible was fine (at about 50 Euros per year, including a domain).

A few weeks ago informed me about new packages, and my little plan was being converted to the new little plan. At first it seemed fine: same price and more storage space (I use very little).

However, the day after the upgrade, I could not SSH into the server to edit a few files. It turned out SSH was no longer included in the most basic plans anymore. In a market economy, can package their services the way they want. But

  • I had a feature (SSH) since years, it was removed from me
  • To get this feature back, my costs were doubled
  • No long term fix for an old customer was offered
  • SSH costs nothing to offer, SFTP was still available, so had put effort into making my little plan less useful.

I use SSH (and linux shells) for everything. Production, test, development, professional servers, hobby servers, workstations, laptops, macOS, Linux, Windows, configuration, programming, and other work. It is just unproductive to not use SSH to

  • edit text files (.html, .js, .php, .htaccess, and so on)
  • check and fix file permissions
  • pack/unpack files
  • manage folders and files

So, as a customer, after expressing my dissatisfaction and getting no long term solution, I vote with my wallet and find another hosting company.


I have been a customer of for a few days so I can’t really write a review. But what I immediately notice is that compared to

  • cheapest package is half price
  • …and includes much less storage
  • I get a cgi-bin folder (I don’t think offered that, but not completely sure)
  • I get more than one database if I need
  • I can use SSH 🙂
  • … and there some kind of Node.js support: very interesting, I need to look into it!

So far so good!

Move WordPress to new Domain

I gave up my old web hotel ( and moved to a new one ( (read more about why here). As a wordpress blog owner, not being very familiar with MariaDB, Apache and PHP this can seem a bit scary.

However, it was quite fine. With a new web hotel and a database ready, this was basically the tools/steps required.

  1. Use WordPress Plugin Duplicator to produce a complete backup (a downloadable zip file) and a downloadable installer (installer.php)
  2. Configure .htaccess on new server to forward requests to a wordpress folder
  3. Upload backup-zip-file and installer.php to wordpress folder on new server
  4. Run installer (go to http://newsite/installer.php), follow instructions
  5. Use WordPress Plugin Velvet Blues Update Urls to make sure all my links point to newsite rather than oldsite.
  6. Create a .htaccess on old server to permanently forward traffic to new domain

I ended up doing this thing twice, learning the first time and perfecting it the second time.

.htaccess on new server

The purpose of this is to place wordpress in its own directory, while still not needing to expose that directory in the URLs.

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?$ 
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/techfindings/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /techfindings/$1
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?$ 
RewriteRule ^(/)?$ techfindings/index.php [L]

So, wordpress is entirely installed in a directory named techfindings, but behaving like it was in my root. Any other page is served normally.

.htaccess on old server

I don’t want people to access the old site when the new site is up. This was a pretty simple and effective .htaccess file:

RedirectPermanent /

This will be in place as long as my old domain is valid and hosted on the old web hotel.


Moving wordpress from one domain and server to another domain and server is perfectly possible with a good result.

Moved to

I moved my site from to Please let me know if you discover any problems.

How much spam does a blog like this get?

This, my blog, is a little insignificant corner of the internet. But some people want to post stuff here with links to stuff they want to promote (everything from escort services and steroids to fake womens purses).

I use two anti-spam plugins:

  • Akismet – that identifies spam and puts it in the trash
  • BoomCaptcha – that makes it a little harder for a bot to comment

And I approve all comments before they are published.

So, how much spam do I delete (with one click, from the trash where Akismet puts it)? Here is the answer:

  • 2014-01-08: 22 comments
  • 2014-01-10: 12 comments
  • 2014-01-12: 17 comments
  • 2014-01-15: 27 comments
  • 2014-01-19: 34 comments
  • 2014-01-22: 14 comments
  • 2014-01-24: 14 comments
  • 2014-01-26: 24 comments
  • 2014-01-29: 31 comments
  • 2014-02-01: 37 comments

As I have written before; if you have a fine site that you would like a link to; make an honest comment to this post and I will approve it.

This site defaced

This site was defaced on Saturday, January 5. WordPress was up to date. Perhaps during the next few days I can find out how the attack happened. Nobody really wanted to destroy anything and now I am back online – let’s see for how long.

The skilled hackers were Egyptian Shell Team. They want freedom and independence for Palestine and seek the destruction of Israel. So it was quite logical and brave of them to deface my site. In the end, it is all about being part of the problem, or being part of the solution, right?

Take care!

How to not make money online

Since long I have had Google Ads on this WordPress site. According to Google Analytics I have about 100 visitors today. This site generates quite exactly zero ads revenues. Perhaps I will remove the ads some day.

This post was written and posted using CutePress for Nokia Belle. Works pretty well but not perfect.

Avoiding spam to WordPress

This blog runs WordPress, and for every month it has attracted more and more spam comments. Some comments that just contain plenty of links to sites. Other comments that say something generic and nice and with a subtle link. Last months it has been almost 100 per day. And it is all about selling pirate design purses and pirate drugs.

WordPress works very well with plugins, and plugins can be installed and activated with almost no work or technical skills at all.

Since long i have been using Akismet – a plugin that decides if a message is spam or not. I’d say it is at least 99.9% accurate. However, I always feel curious to check through the spam before ultimately deleting it, in case there is a real message in the spam.

A few days ago I installed the simple Captcha plugin. If you try to post anything it will ask you to do some trivial arithmetics. It seems to block at least 99% of all spam. Surprisingly efficient, considering that it does not use a hard to read image. Of course most spammers go for quantity, not quality.

I’ll be nice. If you have a legitimate web page for a smaller company, a non-profit organisation, a personal blogg, a useful piece of software, or fine stuff like that and you just post a nice comment to this post, I will approve it to give you a link from my insignificant blog.

Blog, Spam and Akismet

When I started writing this blog, I thought nobody would ever find it. Soon, I realised I got comments, which was nice. But the quality of comments varied, and I soon realised many (or most) of them were just spam. The longer the blog has been around, the more spam has shown up. I have approved all comments manually, and the comments you see on the posts are those I approved.

A few days ago I started using Akismet – a tool that automatically filters out spam comments. It works nice! I would recommend anyone with a wordpress blog to use it.

About this blog

I was happy today to see I got some comments! Wow – I didn’t even think I had any visitors. I just started this blog, so expect it to change. WordPress is tricky stuff!


Welcome to this site. Here I will collect solutions, findings and facts about problems that I solve. The topic will be mostly Computers and IT.