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Keyboard problems with Linux Citrix Client

My company updated the Citrix servers, and suddenly I ran into keyboard problems. This applies to the latest version of the Linux Citrix Client (12.1).

Under Tools->Settings->Preferences there are keyboard settings. I used to leave those at Default but now I need to set them.

The tricky part is not the settings themselves – the tricky part is knowing IF and WHEN the settings have applied. When playing with those settings I suggest the following procedure:

  1. Start the Citrix Client (wfcmgr)
  2. Make your settings
  3. Restart your client
  4. Test your settings (starting applications)
  5. Finally, make sure all connections are dead (Tools->Connection Center)
  6. Stop the Citrix Client

If paranoid, also use ps and kill to make sure no citrix client runs. I wasted much time thinking I was using some configurations when in fact I was not.

For the keyboard settings themselves, I found I needed all of them (leaving none at default):

  • Keyboard Layout=Swedish
  • Keyboard Type (Client)=LINUX
  • Keyboard Type (Server)=IBM PC/XT or compatible

As I dont really know the version or the settings of our Citrix Server environment, this is more some trial-and-error advice rather than a solution to your problem.