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Connect to Office Communicator/Lync with Pidgin

This is a post I have wanted to write for a very long time 😀

My company has an Office Communciator 2010 setup, and for a long time I have tried to connect to it with my (X)Ubuntu computer. Pidgin has not worked, and installing Office Communicator 2010 in Wine has not worked either. But now… the stars were obviously aligned, I was lucky to try the right configuration, or some update to the Office Communicator Plugin for Pidgin fixed something. Error messages from Pidgin are usually not very detailed or helpful.

My configuration:

  1. You need the pidgin-sipe package (Xubuntu 13.04)
  2. Username: my email address
  3. Login: username\domain
  4. Advanced:
  5. Server: set this one
  6. Connection Type: TCP
  7. Authentication Scheme: NTML

Of course, your OCS Server might be configured in a different way. But perhaps this is a little helpful to someone. The way I obtained the server address was to run the netstat command on a windows computer before and after starting and stopping the Office Communicator 2010 client.