Monthly Archives: June 2020

Chrome OS: Bad time in Linux container

I have an Acer R13 Chromebook running Chrome OS 83.0, and most actual work I do on this computer is development work inside the Linux environment.

I realized the other day that the time in the container was bad. Not just a little off, but several days behind. It seems when the computer sleeps/hibernates (which it does a lot) the Linux time “stops” and it does not leap forward to current time when the computer awakes.

I made a few attempts with ntp inside Linux but I don’t think it is meant to be used that way. I have also failed doing “$ sudo date -s 11:00:00”.

So, what make the time right in Linux again is:

  1. Restart the computer (doh), or
  2. Restart the container
    1. CTRL-ALT-T
    2. > vmc stop termina

In both cases your current work is interupted. So preventing your Chromebook from sleeping, or just shutting it off when not using it may be the most straight forward fix.

I changed the power settings so it does not sleep by itself.