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Golf scorecard for your Smartphone

Do you need to use your smartphone as a golf scorecard, try my Golf scorecard for Smartphones app. It is free and gratis.

For the user
Any smartphone should work (iPhone, Android, Symbian, WP). Please let me know if you have problems with a particular model. All data is stored locally on the phone, and you do not need to be online to use the scorecard (but you need to be online when loading it, as it is a web application). Data is preferably stored in cookies, but if you do not allow cookies it will try to fallback to local storage (which has not been 100% stable for me).

For curious developers
This application is built 100% using DHTMLX Touch framework and JavaScript. The style/layout is 100% default DHTMLX Touch – no CSS editing from my side. Also, no other JavaScript libraries (such as jQuery) has been used.